I started searching for a community, where i can race with others in touge battles. After some time of searching, i haven't found anything, that i like. So i just want to start my own community. If you're interested in driving with vanilla or modded cars, you're welcome! For now i try to gather some people (around 5 in total) so we can start the first race. If we are this far, i rent a AC server and then the racing begins. Just join the Forum! http://ac-touge-racing.boards.net/

For now its simple. Some small threads with basic infos. Since this is a new community, it is going to take some time, until we have everything needed in the Forum.
You can find the important informations in :General Discussion, Driver introducing and Races and Challenges. If you guys find some spelling mistakes, let me now. (im german and i usually dont use the english language that much)

Later i make a Discord server ready and maybe a Teamspeak server if needed

you can ask me anything here or in the Forum, i answer as fast as possible

See ya!
I have just started a Discord aimed at Touge Racing with a time attack leaderboard (an empty one at the moment)- and I also have a server rented which is up all the time. Here's the link to the discord! discord.gg/7XDeJyt