TOTALLY OT: Laptop Question

This has absolutely nothing to do with racing sims, but you guys are quite sharp about computers so I hope that I can get some help here ---

How do you disable the built-in touchpad on a laptop computer (short of putting a hammer to it)? (The laptop is an Asus 53e with Win7 if that matters.) I've gone to "Devices and Printers" but the touchpad isn't even listed there.

When typing, my thumbs constantly brush the damn touchpad which results in moving the cursor all over the place. Therefore I've been using a wireless mouse, but the touchpad is still active right along with the mouse! :mad: It makes typing on the laptop a frustrating nightmare!

Can anyone help me out, PLEASE?

Thanks for that link, but it didn't help me.
Fn-F9 does NOT turn my touchpad on and off, as suggested in the link. (It apparently doesn't do anything...) :(
I've even tried taping cardboard over the touchpad, but the damn thing continues to work! :mad:
So, does anyone have any other ideas about disabling the touchpad, short of opening up the guts of the laptop?