Totally new to all of this but WOW just WOW


Nov 24, 2019

This is a totally unimportant post sorry, just wanted to share my happiness with how far these games got in last 20 years. After many many
years I have decided to return to car games, and purchased the whole setup. G29+shifter some VR helmet to go with it and I am in heaven.
Last time I played any racing games I think it was NFS 2 haha (don't judge me lol). Why is this technology not promoted more??? I cannot believe how realistic experience it is. Like, I'm here parked on the edge of some cliff after about half an hour drive and I am literally catching my breath from all the 3d beauty around me. What the h3ll? Is this real? This is as close to real racing in a real car as a game can ever get (for me). Its unbelievable. I need to put a remotely controlled fan in front of my seat and the experience will be just perfect. Assetto Corsa and whoever invented this VR thing you have my THANKS! As a 65yrs old guy I don't have any opportunity to drive anymore due to health so this makes ecstatic. I'm feeling like 30yrs again in my first true car haha.
Anyway I wanted to ask you what is the longest "nice drive" track that can be download from the internet please? Can anyone recommend something nice please? Ideally some loooong coastal drive or whatever. Much appreciated