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WIP total noob 1st track wip help needed



well I think im at a point where id like some feedback. id like to know what i can do to make the track better.

i am building my first track. im using a laptop so ctrl+shift+(x or y)+moving onthe laptop pad is kind of difficult.

Im learning btb as i go, im a firefighter and dont have a graphics design background. so there is plenty of things that i dont know and still have to learn.

Id like to show some screen shots or even a lap around the track to get some feedback, but i dont jknow how to do screenshots...or record the video to and convert to a different format.

i tried using function+prt sc and shift+c and ctrl+c to get the screen shots but it didnt work.

any help with the screen shots and video please.

Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
F12 will take screenshots in rFactor & save them to the Userdata folder.
I make videos using the replay fridge in RF.
If you're not using RF use "printscreen" button which saves the pic to the clip board.
Then you need to create a new file in Photoshop or some Paint program & paste it in.