Toggles and BU0836?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Speeder3, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Speeder3


    Hi everyone,

    I'm making myself a button box and I have got all the buttons (10 of them) I need also, I got 2 toggle switches for my Ignition and Starter. I tried using an old Saitek gamepad PCB but it was not up to it, so I'm going to invest in Leo Bodnar's BU0836. I have no problem with wiring up the buttons but when it comes to the toggles I have no idea if I have the right ones or if they will work correctly.
    I got one 3 pin locking on - off - on with toggle for my ignition so if I liked I could turn the ignition on both ways, up and down. Next I got a 3 pin momentary on - off - on toggle for my starter, so I could push the up or down to start it. my question is, would these toggles work for the ignition and starter and if so, how would I go about wiring them!

    Thanks! :cool:
  2. Roy Visser

    Roy Visser

    The Non Momentary switch will give you problems, games don't work with a "constant" on button. There are ways around this, but your best bet is to use a momentary toggle switch for both. Wiring is exactly the same as a button. Middle is Earth, upper pin is button 1, lower pin is button 2. If you connect lower and upper together they will become 1 button :)

    if you want to use the toggle switch (non momentarily) you could do what i did and put the switch between the BU0836 and the momentary switch for ignition. This way you need to turn on the non momentary switch before you can use the momentary switch.

    thats how i did it:

  3. Speeder3


    Ok, Thanks Roy!

    But would it be possible to set it out like this:

    1. Press Momentary button
    2. Flick the Non-Momentary toggle to turn the ignition on
    3. Use Momentary toggle to start the engine

    Really cant wait to have my button box working :)
    After its complete im going to purchase the SLI-M and the SLI-M Mount for my GT3RS
  4. Alexander Rhodes

    Alexander Rhodes

    You could wire it so that you have it in that order, you'd need to map it as such.
    1. Momentary 1: Ignition
    2. Toggle: on/off switch for Momentary 2
    3. Momentary 2: Starter

    You don't get the toggle switch cut off that way though.

    Alternatively, it would make more sense to wire it up so that the toggle controls both, but it would have to be a dual position dual throw switch. If the toggle is only single throw, single position, it wouldn't really work.
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