To TSF: ARCA Price? Promotion?

Nov 19, 2007

I want to buy ARCA Remax 08. I saw there was a promotion some weeks ago, 2 for the price on one. Is the promotion still active?
The new game is 50$, just the same a two years ago. And if you see the name of the game ARCA REMAX 08, if you see 08 you will think it will have a nice price. I have no problem at all with the price, it's an amazing game with one of the best online oval series. But the price doenst changed in the 2 years. And there is a new game coming.

With a nice promotion there will be a lot off people here on RD and other race forum intrested in the game. It's just an idea TSF:confused:
And i am sure that RD (a forum with very much daily visitors) want to post a new article with the new promotion on the front page, or maybe a mailing. If more new people buying the game, the community will grow and that results in closer racing, and for the TSF will it results in more fans for your new upcoming game

Just an idea.

Hope some reaction because i realy want to have ARCA, so i can just not hit the walls :biggrin:


Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Seems that TSF left this forum since 4 weeks. Sorry that you don't get an answer Chris
Mar 15, 2008
Hi Christophe, I believe I have already replied and explained that we would honor this promotion for you . Also, I have a been a bit busy lately and thus not able to keep up with a few areas and apologize. V2 info will start flowing once we have some more specific things worked out as well ....