To all race fans: Your help needed for academic research!



Hello Race fans.

Although I introduced myself in the introduction thread already I would like to do so again.
My name is Mathias. I'm 24 years old and I stumbled upon RD through a friend of mine. I' a student and study in the Netherlands although I am of German nationality. I like everything that has to do with cars, bikes and racing. I especially enjoy watching rally racing and F1 (of course I do, I’m german:redface:).

During my studies I have to do much research and also write multiple reports. Being in the final phase of my studies I urgently need your help. My research is about interactions between the real motor sport industry and the virtual racing world. Since I don’t think anyone can express what you want to see in virtual racing as good as you I am counting on your cooperation.

Click here to get to the survey!

To make sure everyone feels comfortable: The data gathered will only be used for this academic research and not be processed in any other way. It would be wonderful if you could support me by just giving the survey max 2 Minutes of your time!

Thank you very much in advance! Your help is greatly appreciated by me.:pray:

Kevin Ascher

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You might want to ask some real race car drivers about that.
Dale Earnhardt Jr and co are using iRacing as a training tool.

Thomas Hackel

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... only one little thing:
the following questions should have the option of multiple choice, imo*:

(... *but if you have a sense behind the single choice, i've never said something.)

1.4: i like sim and arcade.
2.2: i like more than only one category, took the most fitting.
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