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Cars TM Formula Royale 1999

Toni Martin

May 26, 2018
Hello guys of RD! I'm here since May 2018, but it wasn't until today that I created my first thread here at RD. :)

So this project started back on early 2019, but I haven't got any time to work in Blender.

Bad news is that I lost all my modeling files, but luckily this project it was not even started by lack of focus for rFactor 2. :(

Today I'll give a new chance to my project, but in Assetto Corsa instead of rF2, because rF2 is too complicated for me.

The car will be based on the Euro Open by Nissan of that year, powered by a Nissan straight-4 engine and it'll be funny to drive. Also it was driven by no other than Fernando Alonso. :)

However I'm pretty new into 3D modeling, started back in 2018 with Blender 2.79a and now I'm fairly lost with 2.80 because the new UI, different to 2.79, etc. ;)

Still I don't know if it's going to be free or paid mod. Still too early to talk that. :D

Anyway, I'm glad to be in this community! Thank you for your support!

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