TL;DR: Haven't RaceSim'd Since late '90s. Just got VR...

Came for a T300 config file/preset, ended up registering a paid account...

So yeah, the last race game with a realism focus that I played was Sports Car GT (EA release I think?) somewhere right around the y2k era. Just bought a Quest2 for cheap to see if I enjoy it, so far it's a lot of hassle, but reasonably awesome results. Only issue is I spend something like 5-10% of the time actually playing the games and the rest tweaking, tuning, and troubleshooting, but that's nothing new to VR.

This week I just snagged a T300 base & T3PM/TH8A & leather wheel, working on getting AC & DIrt 2 wheel & VR settings all situated right now, contemplating buying ACC and also looking for a just for fun VR+wheel supported title to mess around with (thinking something like Burnout or Trackmania, with stupid big jumps and other silly crap just to get more acclimated to driving in VR without the technical elements of a race sim).

Also have PC2 to mess with, though I understand it falls into the casual category. Waiting on some upgrade mods I ordered for the T3PM brake pedal & a tactile mod, shortshift, & sequential mods for the TH8A. The leather GT wheel is still stock, but if anyone with T300 background has recommended upgrades & settings for any of the games mentioned I'm looking to make improvements right off the bat rather than get conditioned to sub-par feel and then have to fight with muscle memory, etc to relearn the feel after making upgrades down the road.

Also any driving titles/games suggested would be appreciated--seems the options for VR support are pretty limited. Anyhow, I hope no spent their time reading all this, but if ya did and have any suggestions it'd be much appreciated. Cheers!

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Wow, epic to read you are back into simracing after all these years. Sports Car GT is where it began for a lot of drivers, awesome.

Sorry, not much experience with VR here myself but there are plenty of users on RD with a passion for VR.

Enjoy the site!
Wow, epic to read you are back into simracing after all these years. Sports Car GT is where it began for a lot of drivers, awesome.

Sorry, not much experience with VR here myself but there are plenty of users on RD with a passion for VR.

Enjoy the site!
Sincerely appreciate the sentiments--my efforts to get up and running have been entirely unsuccessful so far and pretty discouraging tbh, so the rare reply to a generic, "Introduce yourself" post is really nice to see. After a weekend of (ultimately insuffucient) attempts to rig up something to stabilize the 3TPA pedals and stop them from flipping forward every time braking occurs, I finally caved and picked up a used Playseat Challenge yesterday.

That's actually been mostly fine, but I cannot get any title to run fully functional. I haven't even managed to launch AC properly with controls (i.e. wheel/pedals in usable state), audio (i.e. output to my DAC/Amp stack), and video (i.e. VR to HMD via either Virtual Desktop or Oculus Link) a single time yet. I've managed to get PC2 & Dirt (2.0) to both run in VR, albeit with some audio & wheel issues, but having discovered AC w/CM and the wealth of mods, I'm bent on playing it in VR.

Should I just bail on CM and mods for now? The depth of config options is truly impressive. I'm a network/firewall admin by trade and would put myself at the proficient end of the software and digital systems compentency spectrum, but the sheer volume of settings to touch and guess how they might interact with each other, much less my PC build, HMD, and wheel is making me think I shouldn't bother until I've spent time playing some other titles in the shallow end of the race sim pool.

My experience couldn't be further from the Youtubers that make it appear dead simple to slap all the core mods in via CM, snag cars & tracks of choice, and just hit "Go" and be VR driving in AC after 5-15min of setup time. I finally got the VR part working by ditching Oculus video for OpenVR, but for some reason my control settings revert to "T500" preset even though my T300 is the only wheel ever connected to this PC. Heck, there are presets for half a dozen old/cheap/relatively uncommon Thrustmaster wheels, but not T300? I thought it and the T150/TMX were like TM's best sellers to date...

Anyhow, enough whining and b!tching from me... what I really want to say is after setting up the content sources in CM, none of them seem to be as reliable, usable, or have the content selection of RaceDepartment. It's been a delight to read about a car/track/mod and find it here so I don't have to go thrashing around in pop-up add, malware banner, penis enlargment, no file found hell of some of the other purported content sources...

However, I'm dying for a copy of Pike's Peak Hill Climb track; I got to attend twice in my youth (back when the Penzoil gravel treatment only covered the lower 20-30% of the track, so it was all loose gravel for the real switchbacks at and above the treeline). So yesterday I stumbled into the PPHC Millen Tacoma, so now I need to drive the PP Intl HIghway. I've found two versions of it by different authors, but all available download links I've found for both of them are broken/removed files. If someone could point me the right way or share their copy of the files, I'd be forever grateful. Even though that track would be heartstopping fun to drive in VR, I'd happily drive it on a 8" CRT or cell phone screen while I'm struggling to gitgud at AC/CM functionality.

And on that note, any particular boards here to focus on for getting started with AC/CM config/setup options and getting the foundations of how to get the game to run with just the "essential" mods in VR? Heck, I'd kill or a just a generic keymap template or preset to build from--trying to come up with what I'll need on what buttons from scratch is proving too much, especially when it all reverts to this mismatched T500 preset that renders all inputs dead on my T300.

Welp, that's enough wall-o-text for today. If there's a board in these forums where this sort of noob ranting is acceptable, or even answered with wisdom from the veteran AC drivers I'll happily take this rambling plea for advisement to the approriate venue.