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Tire wear - extreme drop off in grip - ADAC GT

Didn't find anything on this so I figured I would start a thread.
I've been having issues with the ADAC GT regarding tire wear. After about 10-12 minutes of racing I more or less loose all grip. One lap it's fine, the next one I miss apexes with couple of meters and the one after that, I can't turn in at all being about 15 seconds off my pace. I tried to save the tires but no luck. At the time of loosing grip the front tires where at 93-95 % and the rear at about 97%. I don't get this with the WTCC cars, for example.
Is it just my driving or are the ADAC GT cars generally hard on the tires? And is it normal that I see such a sudden drop in grip?
Seems 95 is the time to change in DTM. Assume the same with gt but they are heavier so maybe earlier???

Maybe longer with wtcc BC they are lighter cars?

Sudden drops seem to be for a reason in DTM, hard cornering if battling for position, an error , lock ups or spinning rear tires etc...

I am not sure why the percentages as they are. Also not sure if they are connected to number of laps the is to be? I.e short races they degrade faster?
I worked 10 years ago for a tires manufacturer in motorsport Dept. I know especially GT tires. For such single manufacturer championship, 2 factors were very important:
Good balance between the different models and endurance (wear + ability to offer stable performance)
Usually, after one hour race, times are 2-3" from the pace, taking into account the set has been already used during quals. Yokohama are known as harder than european but not so bad in endurance.
Effort requested to GT3 tires is actually not so important : More than 1 ton but not so huge aerodynamic charge, "only" 500hp, well equilibrated (compared to FWD on which effort and weight is on front axle only) and very larges tires.
2 years ago, running double stint (2 hours) during 24hrs of Spa was feasible with standard Michelin tires.
I also noticed huge wear during short races and I'm relieved if it appears it's more realistic during longer races.

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