Tire heat mostly on the inside now?


Original poster
Apr 19, 2017

I've owned rFactor 2 since ~mid 2017 and tire heat spread has been uniform since then, meaning the tires were consistently pink all throughout the lap if my camber was set correctly.

I've been away from sim racing in general for about 6 months, and last week I re-installed rFactor 2.

I started playing a few days ago and noticed that heat was mostly concentrated around the inside of the tires. I said "ok, could be a tire model change, let's decrease camber from 4 to 1.5 and see what gives".
But no, it doesn't change much of the heat of my tires.

You can see it HERE after a few corners where I pushed the tires pretty hard.
And HERE, showing that even after a few laps the heat is still mostly around the inside.

And HERE is a video of it.

I wasn't able to see any difference in corner speed, but the fact that heat distribution changed is something I want to know more about. Is it a problem with my install or is that happening for you too?