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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Both Jonas and Helder have not posted any time at PrestoGP.com yet.

    Although I do not doubt either of you will show prepared, it is a very handy tool for us all to use (the time table). It shows roughly where you are at, if your pace is too slow and you need more practice etc.

    Right now for example, Bob Laube might think that he does not need to practice more, because he is not the slowest driver, This could have been true if it was not for the fact that Kennett can do much better than 1:16:181, so in reality, Bob is almost half a second slower than the second slowest time.

    It is also very handy for the Race Director, It gives him an idea of what he can expect on race day. Is there any drivers he needs to have a talk to prior to the race etc. Can we expect big spread in race pace or a tighter field, will there be a lot of lapping back markers etc. But this only works if we all use it for posting are rough qualify potential.

    I know that race pace is what is important, but unfortunatley the site works in a way that it is qualify-pace that is displayed. I spend little time with qualify and am probably faster in race than what my p.b. gives the impression of. But I do regularly in my 14 day practice period do a couple of qual laps, greatly desiering to improve my p.b (which I have not managed yet).
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  2. Jonas Lex

    Jonas Lex

    If I drive Im as good as always on the servers, I think the site is great even if it just gives you Q laptimes, it shows you what times are possible on the different tracks and that motivates me to find corners where I can improve to get to these laptimes, especially if guys like Sean and Reik show how its done with their youtube videos.

    I started learning the track today since I had to prepare for the RD Touring Car Championship Prequali wich was yesterday
    (good result,qualified for 1st League, I'll be sure to put some presto GP stickers on my car :D)
    but there shouldnt be a problem to be prepared in time because I have enough free time now.

    By the way my personal opinion is that as long as Bob or any other driver is able to keep his pace over the whole race it is ok that he has only driven a 1:16 on the practise servers before, that just as a side note :)
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  3. Bob Laube

    Bob Laube

    oh! I've trained for weeks past:)
    in the race setup, I am now a sec. faster than last season Silverstone race
    But unfortunately I have not a good time in Quallisetup more done online:(

    Good Race All
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  4. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Hey guys,

    I made some practice yesterday my new pb was 1:14.620 but is not posted on PrestoGP
    I'm using Reik's setup, thanks to all for sharing fast setup

    Good lock and have a nice race to all