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Time Remaining

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lewis Fergusson, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Lewis Fergusson

    Lewis Fergusson

    Ok so I was looking in the PLR and I find a setting labelled "Race Timer" which was set to 0. I changed it to 1 and the time shows up again in the corner during the race if its a timed race.
    But, the game now displays the time remaining as a chat message repeatedly (looped).

    Does anyone know of a setting that will stop this or is the reason why it was disabled since the last patch?

    Don't know if this has already been posted so let me know if it has.

    Edit: I realised that the setting was called "Race Timer" as I failed to see the r. If you set it to 300 (seconds) it will still show the time in the top right but the message in chat should only show every 5 minutes.

    Edit 2: Tested again and it completely floods the screen with the message still. So if you set it to 10800 it will only appear at the start of the race. As a timed race can only last 2 hours you won't see it again. Not ideal but its better than nothing.
  2. Jamie R

    Jamie R

    Yeh, I saw that too. Annoying how it floods the screen. No fix for it yet :(
  3. Neil Gault

    Neil Gault

    I noticed these settings some time ago and did some playing around with them and if i recall by setting it to 1 it displays it every second you need to set it to 7200 or something so that the chat message will not be shown for another 7200 seconds.
    does this mean you now have the race time remaining shown while racing online then no it still does not work
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