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Time limited sessions?

I was at the arcade one day and noticed they had a sweet F1 simulator which was running AC, and they put in a time limit so that you could only drive a certain amount of time, after which the car would slow to a halt. I have a family fair at my school coming up, and my class is in charge of the games section, so i was planning on bringing my computer and wheel/pedals so people there could race and i was wondering if anyone knows how to get these time limited sessions so i don't have to constantly look at the stopwatch to know when someone's time is up. Tried searching online but i couldn't find anything.
I think the time limited sessions are only available on servers. You might be able to set up a server on the same machine you're running the game and, I'm just guessing here, set a practice session to a certain length so it repeats over and over. Someone else will probably chime in with more accurate info, but look into setting up a local server...