Time does not stop - technology either


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Oct 14, 2012
Greetings to all of you !

The time when i started to watch F1, Schumacher hit Villeneuve at Jerez :) 1997
Until the end of 2002 it was all between him or Hakkinen in different cars. I think that STILL today part of that is left in me in terms - they had different cars but more or less same results and when we debate on that subject "it is the car or it was the driver" i go back to that time, and i still believe driver as always will make biggest difference. *Good car with bad driver and bad driver with good car will bring you no success* but lets not debate on that shall we? After all it's just me and not everyone thinks the same, but ...

Since i started to watch F1, started to understand more and more i thought more and more. What i saw around me, in the debates with friends, on social networks in late 2004 it was that more or less but ALWAYS people were sad because one era has finished and how now (2004) it was worse.

The whole point of this thread is to express what i have seen so far now, not that someone cares but i think it has to do with our understanding and way of seeing F1 i believe. Because when it came 2012-13 etc people were asking for the sound for the regulations of the years 2000-2004 what not, someone went that far saying that the competition in 2004 was better.

Now, we have totally new cars and i am sure that time will come when you all would ask for this year to come back, and you want to change this for 2011-12-13? Time is not stopping, neither is the technology. In years or decades that come we might hear no sound of the engine. Maybe only the air they cut... who knows. Maybe they will find out and cars to be going on water.
And i know that we will be asking for these days to return. Thats why i say we should always enjoy with what we have in the moment and appreciate it in the right way.

The core meaning of F1 for me is the perfect formula which is created in the car the improvements the team and the driver, that combination of the machine, team effort and the driver will not change no matter what sound we have or what fuel they use or what technology comes, i just enjoying them fight on the track. But yes, the sound gives you some kind of adrenalin i assume...but yet its not what gives you victories.

I always go back to one quote of Sir Jackie Stewart who said "you will be appreciated the way you should have been appreciated when you will be no longer in F1 and time will pass" (not exactly same phrase but 90%)

I apologize for my bad grammar, english is not my native.

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Pete Bone

Nov 30, 2012
I think the simplest way to look at it is this, you never appreciate what you have until it is gone. I would like to see bigger tyres for more mechanical grip and less downforce added to more power to make the cars really difficult to drive and have the cars more evenly balanced across the grid to make it more about the driver than the car.
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