Time-based race mode?


Jun 29, 2019
Hi all,
So, I've been planning out and completing some single-player tournaments on my own the past couple weeks or so (maybe if I work out how and like all the choices and such I might try and turn them into one of those career mods), such as an F1-style Formula Hybrids championship and a huge touring car cup-of-cups sort of deal. I also wanted to do some sort of sprint series, but I don't feel like a straight up race would work well for this, seeing as some of the downhills/hillclimbs or huge circuits are quite thin and don't really lend themselves to overtaking. Instead, I was hoping for AI to race the route and be ranked based on time rather than position.
Stupid question, but is that what Track Day is? Do I just need to do a weekend with qualifying but not actually care about the race? What do you recommend?