Time Attack Open 05/07/2013

Rupe Wilson

Noel Spence,
When you put the cheat in you have to make a new profile..
If you already have a profile Noel Spence take a copy of it and put it safe and make a profile call it "test",
then put in the cheat and make a new profile under the name Noel Spence then the cheat will work
once you have the 1000000 credits you can copy the old profile Neol Spence back across and you should be good to go...

Noel Spence

very strange now[ all ffb gone on my g27 . tried restarting game , rebooting pc , but still no chop , but i got used to driving without the ffb on the server , maybe ffb is not what its cracked up to be lol

Hiroshi Awazu

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The next time you lose FFB while in session try pressing the Alt then F keys. I lose FFB sometimes right at the start of a online race and pressing those keys does the trick for me.

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Great choice Michael! Even the singleplayer mode is good racing stuff.:) Try it:thumbsup:
Don't forget about the cheat code to enable all the cars or you don't have enough credits to buy the GTO (see above).

Michael Nelson

#118 RMI Motorsport (RDLMS)
Managed to complete a few timed laps, none clean though. (and none fast :p). The game is really a lot of fun, I'm quite enjoying it. Although, it did take me a good 20 minutes to get multiplayer working.
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