Thursday Night Sprints @ Birmingham GP - Thursday 22nd April 2010

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Thursday Night Sprints

3 Cars, 1 Track, 3 Sprints for the line

Server Name: SPRINTS
Track: Birmingham GP
Weather: Dry
Cars: F3000, IFM, MMG F1 07

Start: 19:00 GMT
Practice 1: 30 minutes
Practice 2: 3x 5 minutes
Qualification: 3x 10 minutes (SuperPole)
Race: 3x 12 Laps​

Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!
A full table of events is attatched to this post.​

We will race 10 minute superpole qualification & 12 lap race in each car. There will be a 5 minute session between official practice and each race to allow everyone to change cars. The laps are quite short, but the track is reasonably wide in most places. Users that lost connection from the previous race may rejoin at this point. Late commers are welcome to join in these time slots if there are spots available.​

The approximate times that the server will be open to joiners between races are:
20:00 - 20:15 (GMT) and 20:30 - 20:45 (GMT)

Some braking zones at this venue are quite bumpy or incorporate crests, these are fine in the slower formula but the show up alot more in the F1 cars, please set aside a few laps of your practice time to familiarise yourself with the F1's.​


Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator

  1. Dave Stephenson
  2. Graham Healey
  3. Michal Szabo
  4. Ronnie Rooij
  5. Franz Linden
  6. Nick Soudant
  7. Rickard Javanainen
  8. Richard Trange
  9. Robert Helling
  10. Pedro Amaral
  11. Gary Ludlam (maybe)
  12. Bernt Jenson
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
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  20. -
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Nick Deeley

Can I do just the F3000 and IFM? I will be hopeless in the F1 cars, so dont really want to risk taking out everyone else in those cars :)

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Normally, you should race all events, but you may race only one or two events if you want to or if you can't race one of the three events.
Exactly right. I would prefer if poeple came to all of the event. although its 3 races, it is only 1 event BUT I want to make it as accessible as possible to people, so like in the cases like above where someone doesn't fell comfortable with a certain car etc. or other commitments get in the way I don't mind for now if poeple only race some of the races. I can make an assesment with all your feedback after the event :)
I have never driven this circuit before. My first thought was this is not a F1 track! My second thought was it sure is a Fun track! I am not so sure about the concept. All the cars are fun here, but my gut feeling is that we would be better off driving one set of cars pr. evening.

This really isn't an arrive and drive event, you should put in some time her in each car before the event. The track is very tricky when you start to drive it, but gets better as you get to know it. If you haven't put in some laps there is a big chance the fun will end up in the sand trap along with one or two other guys.

Looking forward to some fun racing.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I only ran 10 laps in each car and i was lapping clean and relatively consistent by that point, maybe not the fastest laps ever but I used that and the times from it for the basis of the running order. At only 1 mintue per lap i figured most poeple would be able to muster 30 mins for practice to do the same. As i mentioned in the top post the F1 in the bumpy brake zones can be a bit wild if you dont account for it, but the are some smoother ares just not on the natural racing line. I just thought it would be fun to go somewhere a bit different with them for a change.

As I said there is a bit of fluidity with the format. your feedback is welcome but I you give it a go, we've run these types of event before and they were quite succesfull.
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