WIP Thunder Forest V1.1 - Update

Hey guys heres an update on this fantasy track (previously titled in another thread as "un-named track)

The initial release was made using only the Thunder Forest(Loop) layout and was used online for an event - using feedback from both that event and general feedback I have worked away over the past while to improve the track, heres what i've worked on....

1: looked into the startlight issue - seem to have it sorted now
2: have edited the "fast-line" - so AI cars seem a bit quicker overall
3: worked extensively on the other layouts.

As you can see - I havent given up on furthering this project! Next release will include the following layouts

- Thunder Forest (Loop) Ver. 1.1
- Thunder Forest (Alternative Loop)
- Thunder Forest (Long)
- Thunder Forest (Alternative Long)

All going well I'll have these completed in the next couple of days or so....

Cheers to all the guys who gave feedback after the initial release.
Well guys I have to apologise for the long delay in any progress with the other releases - it's been a rough few weeks with other more pressing issues taking preference, eg. finding a job!

All is under control now and a new job has been started, however I still need to settle in before launching back into the "fun" side of things.

So sorry for the delay but the other layouts are coming....I promise!
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