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Thrutmaster pedal into drive force gt

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by azeeeta, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. azeeeta


    Hey fellas just like the tittle says im not sure if can be done
    those are a pedal from a thrustmaster 458 ferrari (cheap wheel, with out ffb) its has some kind of telephone conector to my view, and i wanna plug it into the DFGT that has a serial one.
    related pictures attached
    i can see telephone one have 6 wire while the serial has 7
    im not that geek when it comes to electronic but i figure this is just wire up cables right? still i dont wanna broke those before been a bit of sure right..
    pd; sry for english gramma fail

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  2. Alexj


    Are both 2 pedal?
    Then 6 cables would make sense, 1 for position, 1 for ground and 1 for 5v for each pedal, in theory it could be done, but I won't say it will to 100%. Maybe the 7 pin connector has some special wire for something, or they just used a 7pin because it was cheap or easy or something along those lines.
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