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Dec 26, 2006
Thrustmaster , New York , August 25 th, 2006 -- Thrustmaster is proud to unveil the world’s first five-axis, three-pedal Force Feedback racing wheel and pedal set.

The Rally GT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition is so complete you may find yourself looking for the indicator switch!

This groundbreaking three-pedal model is based on the massively popular RGT FFB Pro – the first five-axis wheel and pedal set on the market.

The new model features a new full-size sequential gearshift knob, two new reinforced wheel-mounted sequential levers, twin wheel-mounted progressive levers, Force Feedback and belt-driven gear system with new metal collar….and now three adjustable pedals.

The RGT FFB Pro Clutch Edition provides all the sensations of real driving – use the brake pedal with natural resistance, work the clutch, balance your power slides, throw the car into turns… and leave your opponents in the dust!

Your choice of driving style

The RGT Pro Clutch Edition caters equally well for demanding simulation drivers and novice gamers.

Users can switch between using five axes and four axes with all three pedals via a switch located behind the base of the wheel, while Force Feedback can easily be toggled on and off with a press of a button.

Advanced drivers can even set up the pedals for ‘heel-and-toe’ downshifting.

A new level of realism

State-of-the-art features, advanced functionality and superior build quality put the RGT FFB Pro Clutch Edition at the front of the grid.

Gamers can not only get the most out of new racing games, but also rediscover their old titles, playing in a whole new, more realistic way.

The Thrustmaster Rally GT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition will be available for Christmas 2006.

Powerful Force Feedback licensed by Immersion® (Touch Sense Technology)
FFB can easily be toggled on and off with the press of a single button
Exclusive "5 axes" modes
Axe 1 : Wheel
Axe 2 : Accelerator
Axe 3 : Brake
Axe 4 : Clutch or Left cockpit progressive view
Axe 5 : Handbrake or right cockpit progressive view
Function buttons on wheel
10 actions buttons (with 14 locations)
Navigation Cross button (To customize your vehicle)
Twin wheel-mounted progressive levers + twin wheel-mounted sequential levers
« 3 Pedals »
Realistic, professional foot control
Life-like resistance on the brake pedal
2 pedal positions available: “double-cutch” or “cockpit”
Advanced drivers can set up the pedals for ‘heel and toe’ downshifting
Large robust aluminium pedals
Exclusive Force button on the wheel
Activates/deactivates Hardware Center Return”during race
2 “Sequential Shifter System” options (choose between « Rally » or « GT » styles)
1 full-size sequential gearshift stick
2 new reinforced wheel-mounted sequential levers
Premium features and materials
Oversized tube + full rubber grip + 270° turning angle
Metal axis + ball-bearing steering mechanism
Belt-driven gear system (= Smooth & silent gear changing)
Large and sturdy clamping system (suitable for tables up to 5cm thick)

Sven De Nys

Dec 29, 2006
RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition

TheStig[RPM said:
]The Thrustmaster Rally GT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition will be available for Christmas 2006.
How come I never saw one??? Or not any review of anyone here? :)


That looks better than the G25 because it has more buttons and a JOINED on H shifter.

Manuel Garcia

Aug 11, 2007
Thrustmaster Wheel

I think in the paper it's amazing! and 50% cheaper than G25 wheel.

Somebody tryed it?


Brett Bagstad

Feb 23, 2008
the wheel isnt the best but it gets the job done for half the price of a g25. The shifter is only sequential though.

Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
noobie me

have been racing with it for two months and it certainly is a terrific wheel, so much more precise than the old one (Saitek). The shifter is a pain, really, but maybe I just got used too much to shifting with wheel pedals, who knows. The three pedals are terrific (in my view), give you a very good, controlled feel of what you are doing. The setting options are sensible and helpful, besides having 8 buttons on the wheel, you also have two more next to the shifter which are perfect for quick use of functions you don't want to use every race but still need from time to time, e.g. calling for a pit stop in Race07 (not that that command cahnges the mechanics' speed much ...).

All in all, for paying less than half of the G25 price, it's very very good value, can only recommend it.
Like taking the last step before finally doing the full monty, i.e. buying a G25 or some vpp equipment!

Gonzalo Diez

I have it and its a really good wheel.
I dont know, but it was the only one in my city when i bough it.
It has a very good price

Richard Kay

Aug 14, 2008
I bought one before the 3 pedal version came out, although you could buy an extra pedal set and have four pedals, strangely enough. I had a problem with the digital gear paddles when the actuator snapped, a few emails to thrustmaster and the sent me some revised ones out (a full set plus microswitches when I only need the shift down one)with full step by step (in pictures) guide to swapping them. These had an extra gusset which improved the strength, changed both to be sure. I was told this DIY repair didn't invalidate my two year warranty and 2 years later it's still going strong.

Good solid wheel, excelent clamp, more than enough buttons, Analogiue and digital paddles (I actually use the analogue ones for gears now, very,very sensitive), very strong FFB and the best pedals I've ever used.

Cedric Beugnet

I use this steeringwheels since 1 month.
It's a very good product with a good price (half than G25)
FFB is very good and i love the smallest steeringwheels than G25.
finition is good (less than G25 but the price isn't the same).
For all users who want to buy a good product without spend a lot a money.

Steve Elson

Jul 21, 2008
Looking at getting on of these when my saitek packs up. Is the shifter detachable, as I am left handed and on the saitek I can move the shifter to the other side of the wheel?
Aug 26, 2008
I would like to leave some of my feedback here from my RGT wheel.

Now am not the best at looking after my wheels, I tend to drop them sometimes and am pretty rough with them (why I need a G25 or ECCI as there allot tougher, ECCI more so) so take this with a pinch of salt if you like.

One problem I have had that was not due to me being rough was the gear shifter paddles (known problem with the RGT) I've had to replace them 4 times now due to them wearing out, there easy to replace and thrustmaster will send you them no problem but I've been in a couple of races where I suddlenly couldn't shift properly due to the paddle sticking and it ruined my race as a result. Another problem is the belt inside slips allot but that might be due to my very aggresive driving and being a little too rough with the wheel, also the rubber is a bit warn on mine now too.

The pedals are bloody awesome though, so solid and very smooth, they have not let me down once. The FFB is good on the wheel but I feel I need something allot tougher to cope with my demands, for the price you cant expect too much though.

Matthew Parr

May 22, 2008
I keep looking at one of these because i cant afford the G25 and this seems a VERY GOOD solution, and reading some peoples reveiws on various sites it seems like a VERY good wheel so what do u reckon ?

Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
I have been using an old thrustmaster wheel for some weeks now mainly because of problems i have with my hands and the thinner thrustmaster wheel is less painful for me to use. I do think the momo is more precise but not by much and the thrustmaster has better pedals but i really prefer the thrustmaster software as it is very easy to adjust the pedal travel to eliminate any spiking from the brake and throttle or to assign any of the numerous buttons for teamspeak.
So if i were to buy a new wheel then yes i would probably buy the RGT before the G25

Richard Kay

Aug 14, 2008
.... gear shifter paddles (known problem with the RGT) I've had to replace them 4 times now due to them wearing out, there easy to replace and thrustmaster will send you them no problem....

Another problem is the belt inside slips allot but that might be due to my very aggresive driving and being a little too rough with the wheel.....
I know what you mean about the paddles, that's why I changed gear shift to the analogue paddles. I change gear now with the slightest of flicks because the lever doesn't have to travel to, and stop abruptly on a microswitch. Obviously that is what weakens them and eventually leads to them failing.

Not had a problem with the belt, I do consider myself quite smooth though, I definitely don't saw away at the wheel, even through tight chicanes.

Sorry Stel, the shifter is right hand mounted and fixed. Personally I use it for lights and (GTL) handbrake/(GTR2) pit limiter/(GTR:E)wipers. Been using paddles on a wheel since F1 '97 on PS1, much better to have two hands on the wheel at all times in my opinion.

Krzysztof Babij

Aug 2, 2007
Thrustmaster RGT Pro Clutch Edition or Driving Force GT

Dear Friends

Nowadays I am using Saitek R220, it is a very good wheel in my opinion but it is the time to improve my wheel.

I stucked between Thrusmaster or Logitech I mean:

RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition -

Driving Force GT -,en

What is more important: wheel rotation (GT - 900 degree |RGT - 270 degree) or clutch (GT - no, RGT - yes)

Thx in advance guys.

James Yates

Feb 19, 2008
I would say the wheel rotation is most important, as a clutch isn't really that useful unless the wheel has a H pattern gearbox like the G25 does. The logitech will also be made a lot better than the Thrustmaster so i would go for the Driving Force GT