Thrustmaster TX

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  1. oldgamergazza


    Does anyone have a setup that feels good?
    I just can not get a setup that is anywhere near feeling good, it just feels vague and unresponsive:(
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  2. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    On the Steam workshop there are some FFB profiles for T300 an TX, download try them out. They will show in FFB settings in game
  3. karik134


    My settings with T300

    Control panel
    - Overall gain 65%
    - Constant 100%
    - Periodic 100%
    - Damper 100%
    - Spring 100%
    - Centering spring OFF
    - Allow game to make changes: checked
    Rotation: put 900 degrees if u want to use changing degrees aka soft lock rotations in the game

    In the game
    Advanced wheel settings:
    First of all do the calibration of the wheel and pedals correctly in this menu (scroll down to see calibration entry)

    - Steering: saturation 100%, linearity 0
    - Throttle: saturation 100% deadzone 0%
    - Brake: saturation 100%, deadzone 0%
    - Clutch: deadzone 0%, saturation 80% (I use lowered saturation just to reduce amount of miss-shifts from happening)

    - Soft Lock: ON (changes rotation depending the car use (with 900degree wheel: 900(multiple)/810(one car)/720(multiple)/540(multiple cars), only exception I make to soft lock degrees is 2000s: Subaru 2001 which I drive with 540dor (+paddle shifters) because Richard Burns had 540dor in 2001.
    - Steering Center: ON (look down vibration&feedback part for more info)

    Vibration & feedback menu:
    - self aligning torque 55
    - wheel friction: 1
    - tyre friction: 1
    - suspension 65
    - tyre slip 60
    - collision 100 (if u crash a lot u might want to put this lower or to 0)
    - soft lock 150 (to stop the wheel at certain point with changing dor, needs to be enabled in the advanced wheel settings menu to work)
    - steering center 50 (doesn't affect ffb when car is moving, this only centers the wheel at start and after a reset, needs to enabled in the advanced wheel settings menu to work)