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Thrustmaster TX with TH8A or G25/27 with Leo Bodnar Adapter

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Thomasew, May 24, 2015.

  1. Thomasew



    Bought a Thrustmaster TX a few months ago, .. but, used my modified G25 pedals and G25 Shifter, with Leo Bodnar adapters, .. which worked well for basically everything.

    Couldn't get my G25 shifter to work with Rally, .. so, being lazy, .. I ordered the TH8A shifter, as well as the T3PA-Pro pedals.

    However, .. the TH8A shifter didn't work (by default) with Rally, .. which kinda p155ed me off a bit. I had read on various forums that the T300rs and T500rs users were having no problems with their shifters. I assumed that it would work with the TX .. :(

    So, I started playing around with the default TX input file, .. and eventually got it to work. The clue was that the TX file is missing some info that the T300rs file had.

    Anyway, .. with a bit of editing, .. the TH8A now works with fine with the TX wheel. :)

    However, .. I seriously dislike the TH8A. It's far too big and cumbersome, .. and given it's long throws, .. is more suited to Truck driving, as in Euro Truck simulator, or maybe Nascar etc..

    I must point out, that I don't have a Racing rig etc,. so, I have to clamp it to my desk, .. which kinda compounds the problem, .. not too mention, .. that I don't have big meaty hands, which, .. I think the TH8A was intended for .. :)

    So, for me, .. the Logitech G25 and G27 shifters are far more comfortable, .. and useable. I had an Act Labs Force RS wheel & shifter for over 10 years, .. but I have had to put them out to pasture. Great Shifter .. :) , .. and far superior in functionality to the TH8A. I would have thought that when Thrustmaster bought out/took over Act Labs, .. they would have kept the good stuff. Oh Well .. :)

    Anyhoo, .. after tweaking the TX file for the TH8A, .. I thought I would try and see if I could get the G25 (via Leo Bodnar adapter) to work. Eureka! .. it works as well. :)

    You can also use the G25 shifter in sequential mode, .. but, please set your Gear Up/Down in the Controls options. I could have changed it to default to the G25 shifter's Up/Down, .. but, decided to leave it defaulted to the TX wheel's paddle shifters.

    Oh, .. I've also removed the 7th gear from the G25 Preset, .. as the G25 doesn't have one .. :)

    I've uploaded both files here, .. and they are appropriately named. Please bear in mind that I have renamed these files for upload and identification purposes.

    Whichever one you choose to use, .. MUST be renamed to .. tm_tx.xml , and placed in the ..

    .. :\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\input folder.

    N.B. Please back up your original tm_tx.xml file first .. :)

    Also .. Remember to select your Preset in the Controls Options. :)

    If you've renamed the appropriate file correctly, and put it in the right place, .. should see either, ..

    LNG_TM_TX_G25 or LNG_TM_TX_TH8A , .. as the available preset.

    I hope these files are of some assistance.


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    Last edited: May 24, 2015
  2. Fabri


    You are great. Meny thankyou by me.
  3. Marine541


    Hello, and thanks for the mod for the g25 shifter, but I just cant seem to get it to work. I have a TS-PC racer base and the leo Bodnar adapter. So, I downloaded the G25 file, renamed it tm_tx.xml and placed in the right folder and plugged everything in and loaded Dirt Rally, I did not see the correct preset and the controls did not work for the shifter, yes the shifter works and reads in all my other games, just doesnt read the gears in Dirt Rally. Please, help me if you have time. Thanks for your time.
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