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Thrustmaster TX Vs. Playseat Challenge.


I hope that there is some good knowledge that can be to my help.

I have a playseat challenge and just upgraded from a Thrustmaster TMX to a TX. I do love the New base and the Ferrari 599 wheel is feeling great.

However the fit with the table clamp isnt great and I am having trouble folding the chair. So I am thinking about hard mounting using m6 screws.

To my question, does the holes of the TX match with the plate on the Playseat Challenge? Or Will it requiring drilling new holes in the plate?

Or if someone has other tips, I am very grateful.
Hi Victor,
I've hat a TX on my Playseat Challenge for quite a while, so I can safely say: Yes, both the TX's and the Playseat's holes do match.
Also, don't think about hard mounting the base. Do it. You won't regret it. (Unless your M6 screws are too long :D )