Thrustmaster tx suede wheel mod!

David B

Jan 19, 2015
Hey everyone,
I wanted to have a custom wheel that was bigger than the standard tx wheel and felt a lot nicer "not like a plastic toy"
I then got the GTE wheel from Thrustmaster and although it was better, I did not like the feel of the rubbery plastic.
So I decided to mod a wheel that would have all the functions to work properly on Xbox one and the PC.

So I bought a 330mm Suede wheel and put it on my Thrustmaster tx base!!

I have modded the A,B,X,Y buttons from a xbox 360 controller, I have also attached an analogue stick that works as a dpad.

I then modded buttons from the original tx wheel, like the engine start button, I used the GTE wheel adapter, sold from SRH to attach the custom wheel to the base.

I then attached the original tx paddles to the GTE wheel paddles,I also put carbon fibre vinyl on the paddles.

I then strapped my phone to the wheel for a dash meter:)

Every thing works perfect and feels very nice!!

Here is a pic of how it turned out!

Any questions please feel free to ask, cheers:)


Sep 13, 2012
Hi David,

Great mod; I'm really impressed with the work on the button and d-pad! I have just bought a 320mm suede wheel off eBay hoping to be able to reach the standard paddles.

How did you go about attaching the 458 paddles to the standard GTE ones, in case I have to do the same?


David B

Jan 19, 2015
Firstly I cut of the angled part of the paddles so it was more straight, then I used the hole already in the tx paddles to drill a hole in the gte paddles and put a small nut and bolt on them, I also hot glued them together :)

Then I finished it with a carbon fibre vinyl to cover the silver aluminium colour.

The paddles are on there solid! and are at perfect shifting distance for me.

I think you will prob have to extend the paddles, but depending on how big your hands are? I could reach the original paddles, just! but it was a stretch so the extended paddles were essential for me.

Hope that helps