Thrustmaster T500RS doesn't work with win 8.1

My wheel stopped work today with win 8.1. There's no red power light. I unistalled driver etc and now win 8.1 put it on multimedia device?!? What's wrong? I looked Troubleshooting and it said Thrustmaster T500RS bulk driver is too old for usb 3.0 and I should connect to usb 2.0 port. I tried all my ports and none of them bring bulk driver as usb device.
Wait exact name does you mainboard have?
Even the newest X97 boards still feature usb 2.0 ports. Alternatively, you can get a pci/pci-e card with usb 2.0 ports.
So on this model, there are six black usb 2.0 ports at the back panel, I guess you have tried these.


Do you have a usb extension card at hand? Like this one:


With that you can use the internal usb ports as well.

To make sure, have you searched if Thrustmaster has released usb 3.0 drivers?

Even the 3.0 ports are backwards compatible with 2.0 devices, this is not making sense.
I don't know about the cable.

I have several of these cards lying around, I would give you one for free, but shipping to finnland is more expensive than the piece itself. You can ask a friend, maybe one who built his own pc, or visit your nearest PC / Hardware store, these go for 3-7 euro.
If he's right, then this is no hardware, but a software issue. So even if you get a usb card, this won't solve your issue.
He is talking about energy saving settings in the usb device manager and driver protocols. I'd suggest to try what he found. Be sure to backup your registry before fiddling with it.
Will you ask or have you asked that question already?

Well, generally speaking, fiddling with the registry has always some risk involved, that said, you can minimize that risk with: making a backup, a restoration point in windows secuirty, geting ERUNT (automatik registry backup) and being careful and follow the steps he outlined exactly.
These are usb settings, not the thing that is really system critical like a Master Boot Sector or something of that sorts.

Btw, now i'm curious about your knowledge of pc hard- and software. Did you buy a complete one or did you built one yourself? How long have you worked with these?
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Alright, as I see it, you have four options to find your solution, get a usb card, change the values in the registry yourself, ask about that problem at your local hardware store or do some more research on the web.
I don't think I can help you further.
I have tried now usb card but regedit is not my strongest work. I downloaded USBDeview and it said GT Feedback Bootloader uses USB 1.10 port. External USB 2.0 port didn't help either. Bad thoughts about T500RS is broken disturbs on me already and I have no quarantee anymore.
Tested at my friends computer Win 7 and no effects, damn. How an earth this is possible, without warning wheel just broke? Only two years old product. I'm waiting answer from Thrustmaster because they want more informartion about situation. Too much money on this wheel already...and how much I have appreciated this brand.
Great! I got my wheel to quarantee after explaining. Now I'm waiting new wheel. I'm not going to change brand because Thrustmaster has such a great technical service and understanding of theirs' customers.