Thrustmaster T500 RS Throttle Pedal 'Stuttering'...

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TheLittleHooligan, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. TheLittleHooligan


    Hi all, anybody out there have a solution for the "Peddle Stutter' problem. I do hope I'm not the only one that's experienced this rather expletive inducing technical problem..:mad: I was busy doing the Porsche challenge around Monza Classic the other day and couldn't understand why the other cars where wizzing past me...:confused: in easy mode... :thumbsup: With my foot flat, going around the circuit I could hear what I first thought to be fast approaching AI... :O_o: they where... yet after being past, i continued to hear the engine stuttering... so naturally... I thought I'd broken the engine somehow...:( and resigned myself to a last place finish...:cry: However, with my next attempt I discovered the problem... a fault with the throttle pedal stuttering... seems something is amiss with the sensor, does anybody have a fix for this... ie: a mod, electronic workaround, cleaning of faulty part.. or new component purchase from RS, Mouser, Digikey, Jameco etc. PS.... the clutch is acting up as well... No wonder I keep getting penalised at the start for jumping....:O_o::confused::mad: Thanks All. Sorry.. Posted earlier in wrong thread.:sleep:
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  2. callumjtc


    Had a similar issue with my G27 throttle pedal, most likely dust in the position sensors (Potentiometers) just need a decent blow out with compressed air usually.
  3. Tennracer


    Look in the Thrustmaster Control panel in Windows to see if you have the proper smooth movement of the pedals. This may help to see if your problem is the potentiometers or not.
    You should see a smooth movement thru the whole travel of the pedals as you push on them. Also this is a good way to see if you have any room to add some dead zones if needed.
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