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Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals Mod

David B

Jan 19, 2015
Hey, I am just sharing my customized pedals.

I have Cosmic Racing pedals fitted to my T3PA pedals which have a tint of red to them, I also have red carbon fibre vinyl on the pedal base.

I like the way it looks and feels!!

Brake Mod
I found by having the orginal tx brake spring and put that between the "conical rubber brake mod" and the brake pedal on the T3PA pedals gives the brake better progression initially and still uses the conical brake mod also "I prefer it by far but that is just my opinion".

My next mod will be a way to improve the throttle pedal as I want a bit more smoother throttle play.

P.S has anyone modded there th8a or th8rs gear knob as that is next on my agenda too:)

any questions or tips please leave a comment, thanks


A picture showing the brake mod!
I put the conical brake mod as far back as possible to get the best feel for me:)
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Dec 21, 2014
Great job! Looks very nice :)

But one question though. Am i the only one who thinks that the Rubber thing mod is a bit to hard to push in

Chili P

Feb 18, 2016
Nice mod, I did something similar with a set of Tx/t300 pedals but I also mounted a load cell with a gain control from Derek Speare Designs.
I found that a conical brake mod was too stiff as well, only giving about 15mm max pedal travel. So I used the original pedal spring with some neoprene foam inserted inside the spring, this gave nice progressive brake feel but the foam broke down quite quickly.
I then re- used the conical mod but I tried to honeycomb the rubber cone, this failed so I cut off the top half of the cone and inserted this inside the brake spring, this gives good feel and is holding up much better than the neoprene foam insert I tried.
Feb 12, 2017
Great job! Looks very nice :)

But one question though. Am i the only one who thinks that the Rubber thing mod is a bit to hard to push in
hi friend.. no, you are not the only one who thinks that the conical rubber mode is too hard to push.. i have the same ugly feeling also.. this bullshit rubber cone supplied with the good generally t3pa pedals, though it is good as an idea, they fixed it too hard to push, thus making it braking unrealistic.. i am trying to find the same conical rubber mod but with a much softer rubber nose that will provide amuch more progressve and smooth feeling while braking, which is the real thing..


Sep 10, 2017
This is what i did guys. Takes some trail and error but once you find what you like you'll be super happy.