Thrustmaster T300RS


Dec 20, 2014
Anyone else using a Thrustmaster T300RS for F1 2014 on PC? Can you list your settings in the Thrustmaster control panel and in game? I can't seem to get the settings correct for it.

I notice that in a lot of slower speed corners, the force feedback seems to suddenly die coming out of slow speed corners. Before the long back straight in Canada, when I'm coming out of that corner it seems to be:

Stiff steering, stiff steering, steering wheel pops, incredibly light steering, stiff steering

I've messed around a huge amount. I spent 6 hours just trying to get rid of that slow speed "pop", and still no joy. It's driving me crazy.

I've also used the same wheel on the PS3 version of the game, and this doesn't happen at all. It feels perfect on that, but I want the mods/graphics of the PC version.