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Sell Thrustmaster - Momo Racing Wheel

Selling my Momo Model 27 racing wheel which was adapted for Thrustmaster wheel bases using the GTE button plate, so plugs directly onto any Eco-system wheel base.

This is the 29 cm diameter wheel and is great for both GT racing and Open wheel racing. Currently new the Momo rim costs £240. I have black bolts that can be used instead of what is installed - I just liked how they looked :cool:. Also, it's using the standard wheel bolt location so the button plate can be replaced - you would need to drill the other 2 bolt holes though if you want to mount it on something else.

It's been sitting in a dust bag for over a year as I was keeping my Thrustmaster stuff in case of issues with my Fanatec kit. However, despite wearing gloves when using it and brushing after, there is the inevitable sign of usage on the suede.



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