Thrustmaster F430 FFB wheel-settings:


First off all I assume that my wheel Thrustmaster F430 FFB is fully compatible with the game.
In the game it shows : Input device: Thrustmaster T100
Control preset: Thustmaster F430
And I can customize the wheel-setting.

But the game is hard to drive, even in lowest / beginner settings. I tried several settings, but I don’t get a good one, not even close.

Can please some help me to set my wheel, so I can enjoy the game.

Franske :cool:
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I've currently got the steering saturation set to 48. Braking is what I find difficult in the game. I have since modded my brake pedal (squash ball behind it) and find it much better, but try increasing the braking linearity and testing that.


Assuming F430 is a 270 degree wheel? Game is 360 degrees. In game setting for saturation 0 = 100% and 100 = 0%. 270 is 75% of 360 so I would try setting steering saturation at 25%. 100-75=25
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I'm purely going off assetto corsa default settings for this wheel for degrees of rotation though. I'll try lowering my settings to what you suggested. I was struggling to work out how you calculated the saturation setting to match my wheels lower than 360 rotation, but your explanation was great :)

Graham Laing

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Just for info, this wheel is not officially supported by F1 2015.

Of course I am not saying is doesn't work, just that Codemasters don't officially support it, though they do support a whole bunch of Thrustmaster wheels :)

I mention this because the OP said 'I assume it's fully compatible etc. ......." in his first post.

Supported List Here
Even though its not in that list it does allow us to access the advanced wheel settings (and has done since launch) which is the main thing which I know isn't the case with the unsupported wheels
The Wheel works but is not supported.
I can not get to the car setup. I can do pretty much Everything else but not find any button to get inte the car setup itself. Seems i´m missing some hardcoded buttons.
Anyone knows how to do that??

I´m on a PC.
For me the button that is mapped to Y by default, so therefore is the car set up button when in the garage, is the top of the 2 buttons on the left hand side of the wheel on the front. So just to the left of the Ferrari badge in the middle of the wheel.

I recently posted about new thrustmaster drivers for this wheel. They are intended for windows 10/8.1 I think, but I would assume work for 7 too. What OS are you running?
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