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Thrustmaster F430 FFB Settings problems

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by 111jack, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. 111jack


    Edit: for forum moderators i hope this is the right forum sction if not i'm very sorry.
    Hello everybody
    I hope to find someone who can help me to find the right setting for this wheel, i tried so many combination and spent hours, right now i'm using this setting from codemaster forum.
    Control Panel
    Master: 100%
    Static: 70%
    Dynamic: 70%
    Aggressivity: 99%
    Optimized Effects: Checked
    Auto-Center: By the Game
    In Game
    Advanced Wheel Settings:
    All Deadzones: 0%
    All Saturations: 100%
    Steering Linearity: 50%
    FFB Options:
    Feedback: On
    Environmental Effects: 10% (curb rumble is way too violent if it's any higher)
    Feedback Strength: 100%
    Wheel Weight: 0%
    Whit this i have a better feeling than everthing i tried by myslef the car is more reactive.
    The problemi is that i don't have any feeling at all of tyres i can't get if the car is understeering or ovesterering, if i lock weels while braking ecc...
    Nothing is realist i'm a former driver i know how a car react.
    Even an housewife who go to supermarket will notice that if she lock the front tires the steering wheel is light.
    I don't get if is the wheel , the game or me that i'm a dumb.
    May somebody help me please i paly under Windows 7 but thrustmaster's drivers should work well.
    Thanks so much in advance.
    Kinds Regards
  2. Peter

    who cares

    F1_2010_game_2010_10_30_11_20_55_292.jpg F1_2010_game_2010_10_30_11_20_35_872.jpg

    Controlpanel: Default.

    And it's the game why you don't feel the wheels.
  3. 111jack


    Thanks so much very kind.
    I did as you suggested and i think i have a better feeling.
    To bad that in game you can't feel wheels let's hope for F1 2011
    Thanks again
    Kinds Regards
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