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thrustmaster F430 FFB pedal mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mariusz Ditch, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Mariusz Ditch

    Mariusz Ditch

    Hi i have as the title states a Thrustmaster F430 FFB wheel and also G27. I really love the G27 pedals they have great weight on them, but the problem with the F430 is that the wheel IMO feels so much better yet the pedals are lacking a lot especially the weight. When I hit the brake the pedal base lift's or slides so my question is, is there a way to add more weight to the pedals I took it apart and found plastic box with what looks like is some sort of clay that adds weight has anyone tried or seen any mods that would add weight the reason why i wanted to use the F430 instead of G27 is cause i recently purchased ps4 and my thrustmaster works on my ps4 any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated
  2. Daniel Zanella

    Daniel Zanella

    Hey Mariusz,

    Did you installed some kind of mod to the pedals?

    I don't know it works with with the F430 but I saw a video that a guy put a little piece of EVA into the G27 pedal spring making it heavier than the original.

    I will also check if it's possible with my F430 because the original has a magnet resistance system in the breake pedal, but I have some trouble with it and the plastic material base, so I removed the magnet pieces then it's lighter than the normal.
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