Thrustmaster F1 Ferrari T500 unplug - replug

Sep 23, 2012
The wheel USB cable is plugged directly into the computer.

Here is the issue Step by Step

Start computer
Wheel spins
Enter game
Throttle/brake/clutch are full on........
Exit game
Go to Thrustmaster control panel (wheel shows up as a T500RS)
Check on properties button
This is when it freezes and I get the "window shell dll" message
Unplug power cable at back of wheel
Replug power cable
Wheel spins
Go to control panel (now the wheel shows up as a Ferrari F1 wheel integral T500) which is correct
Click properties (all normal)
Enter game and all is normal.

A head scratcher...?????


who cares
Dec 13, 2008
I leave the USB in the PC but plug the power in after the computer start up.
What you describe is what I have sometimes when I change the rims, must be confusing for Windows using different gear on the same USB port.


Apr 18, 2014
I would recommend having the usb cable plugged directly into a usb port on your computer, not a usb hub. You can also set your wheel to be the "preferred" game peripheral in the same area you are seeing the wheels name listed under devices. I would also try plugging into different usb ports on your computer then restart your computer twice, once to install driver to new port and second reboot to see if you get the same problem on a different usb port.

Some usb ports are powered, usb 2 and usb 3 compatible or backward compatible with usb 1.1 So, you may be plugged into a usb port which doesn't exactly match the version of usb thrustmaster programmed for the wheel. You cant go wrong with a usb 2.0 port on your computer that is not backward compatible or get a usb 2.0 addin card.

BTW, the usb ports with a blue color to the inside of the port are usb 3.0 and the usb ports with a black color on the inside of the port are usb 2.0 and or usb 2.0\1.1 The best I can recommend is to use a usb 2.0 port on your computer for your wheel only, nothing else on that one usb port. Any usb port directly on your motherboard (accessible from the back of your computer) would be best. If you have usb ports on the front or top of your computer those ports may be going through another circuit board or different chipset on your motherboard or your case which will change how usb performs.

Hope that helps and is not confusing....

Mark Reynolds

Physics & AI Programmer
Jul 17, 2007
Seems his wheel already is.......The wheel USB cable is plugged directly into the computer