Thrusmaster TX servo base vs Fanatec V2


I'm sure you were missing such thread ;)
I'm considering to replace my good old G27 with something more advanced.
As 1st, I don't care about pedals since I already own Fanatec Elite and I'm happy with them.
I'm hesitating between 2 packages:

1) Fanatec V2 servo + BMW GT2
Total price: Around 1000€
+: Reliablity seems good
+: good looking package
+ leds on the wheel. (ok, it's minor point but + anyway)
+: Equipment 100% Fanatec
-: Price
-: BMW branded. Bit ridiculous in 40 years old guy home. (No way to consider more expensive wheel. I don't want to spend more than 1000€ ; otherwise my wife will realize it's price of a new hand bag and she will put huge pressure on me. And at the end she'll own a new bag. But I'll stay with my G27)

2) Thrusmaster TX servo + Ricmotech Momo 31 wheel
Total price : bit less than 700€
+: Cheaper than Fanatec.
+: With the saved 300€, I can buy dashboard.
+: Real good looking wheel = Yes man, it's a simulator, not a toy.
-: Reliability of TX
-: I could read TX engine was bit limited (overheating, need to add additonal fan, etc..) in case of bigger diam wheels. On the other hand they propose now a Ferrari wheel with 30cm diam. So maybe it's a fake argument.

TX is known as very precise and good value for the price. Of course ffb related issues are always subjective but any feedbck from people who tested both is welcome.
Anyway, any advising is welcome to help me in this difficult choice.

Thanks in advance


Spoil yourself and go with the Fana package, Sure the TM will save you a few $$ but those few $$ WILL not replace the Immersion factor you get with Fana gear.


Having owned both, I can say they're both fine wheels just at very different price points. To me, there's no better budget wheel than the TX or T300 and when you're ready to step up to something better without going to a direct drive wheel, the CSW v2 is very nice.

To me the deciding is factor is real clear, if you're budget allows it, go with the CSW v2. I wouldn't get that extremely heavy BMW wheel though. Go with a universal hub and rim of your choice, 918 RSR rim, or Formula rim, all of these are much lighter than the BMW rim which will dampen some of the FFB. If your budget doesn't allow it, go with the TX or T300, they're both very good wheels for the money.


The Momo 31 rim at 340mm is mahussive and too big for sim racing in my opinion, the bigger the wheel rim, the more torque you can exert on the motor which results in muted ffb feel but this is personal preference. The pricing of this wheel is the only thing taking the total amount anywhere near what a CSW v2 costs.

I own a TX and it has been flawless, used daily with strong ffb, sometimes used for hours on end. I was a little dubious after reading about reliability issues but I feel Thrustmaster have resolved this with current batches of the TX base.

My recommendation:
TX Servo base
599xx wheel

This will probably set you back about $450 roughly and talking bang for buck, wins over Fanatec.


Thank you for your good recommendations.
So, TX Servo base + F599xx wheel looks to be the most reasonable package.

However I'm still appealed by Fanatec. For sure I won't take the Porsche 918 wheel.
Total package would be 1250€. In my opinion, for that price better to spend 250€ more and go to AF.
My final choice will be between CSW V2+BMW GT2 and TX+F599xxx.


Either wheel will be a fine choice.

Having just gone from a Logitech G25 to a Fanatec CSW v2 with BMW rim, I can say you won't feel the FFB is muted! Now if you compare the CSW to the TX back-to-back you'd probably notice, but definitely not if you compare the G25 to the CSW. Here in the USA, a G25 has a 1A power supply and the CSW has a 6A power supply. It's been 2 weeks now and I still haven't turned my power up past 50%... maybe will set it to 80% next week.

I picked the BMW rim because I've lusted after it since the Fanatec announcement; it's a work of art! Heavy, yes, and I'll probably get the formula rim eventually, as well, and swap between them depending on the car I'm driving.

One note in favor of going with the Fanatec wheel is Fanaleds. You can turn off in-game HUDs since you'll have a nice little configurable LED display that you won't have with the Thrustmaster.


Thank you. Let me say I'm more or less in same position.
Leds on G27 are useful and I'd like to keep them. Furthermore this BMW rim is appealing.
I guess I'll finally buy Fanatec package even if costs twice Thrusmaster one.


I've used the Accuforce wheel quite a bit and its impressive but I'll say this, some PC games have trouble recognizing or supporting it properly. You're less likely to see that issue with the TX/T300 or CSW v2.



35 kg
(1.306,23 €)

Website opened from Austria


Website opened from France, site shows me 1748€ as well. These 5% gap are probably due to import duty (as far as I know, it's around 4% for most of industrial products)
By the way, their exchange rate is outdated. Today 1€ = $1.1448
$1748= 1526.90€
Contact Ollie Aina for OSW kit around $1000: info at sim-pli dot city

You still need to purchase case and wheel, but it's way better value than CSWV2 and Accuforce.

Ollie is based in UK.
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