Throttle precision on Xbox 360 controller

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by K.D.R, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Hey guys,
    So, I decided to play RBR because everybody says this is the best rally simulator out there, and I never had the experience that I always wanted from a rally game before. And since the beggining (about 2-3 weeks ago), I'm having some problems. At first it was the steering, it took me days to finally set up in the way I wanted, and making it stop going to the left by its own. But I already solved that.

    My real problem is the throttle setting. What is happening is that when you are going through a section where you can't use full throttle (or you shouldn't), and I try to use between 80-90% of throttle on the trigger, what happens that apparently, the game does not "understand" that I'm using 80-90%. For me it feels like the game understands that I'm using 100%, so the car goes way faster than I want it to go. And if I try to go below the "80-90%", the car doesn't accelerate as much as I want it. And with this I can't be as precise as I want it to be. So below 80-90% you go kinda slow, in the 80-90% area, you go full throttle.

    And what is crazy about it, is when I go to control settings, and I press the trigger to 80-90%, the bar doesn't get full. But when I actually playing, the game thinks I'm using full throttle. And the almost the same thing happens when you start using throttle. I would say that the car starts accelerating when I use about 40% of the trigger. But when you go to the control setting menu, the minor pressure that I apply to the trigger, the bar shows that very little amount.

    So what is the setting that I can use to fix that? I tried everything, and I just can't fix this. And I can't fix the dead spot on the trigger as well. So is there a way to lower the deadzone of the triggers? I even tried to find some file that I could modified in the RBR folder, but I found nothing.

    It bugs me a lot, especially because I played hundreds and hundreds of hours in Forza 4, and I'm very used to the triggers precision, where is just amazingly accurate.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for any english mistakes.
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