Three basic questions, one about teams and one about difficulty level

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by questionman1, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. questionman1


    I started playing this game again after a long time, this time at the maximum difficulty. However, one quirk that the game has, is that its AI seems have the same failing as every other raacing game: no matter how fast you go, the AI will cheat to go faster.

    Is this impression accurate, or just my own delusions? At Catalunya, I consistently posted the fastest time (low to mid 1:22s) while the fastest time Vettel was able to post was a very high 1:22.9. As the race got under way, I pulled out some magic and got a few lap times in the low 1:21s, while EVERY single other lap did not exceed 1:22.5. Yet despite this, despite the fact that the AI was never able to keep pace with me during practice and qualifying, Vettel was consistently no more than a second behind me. I simply could not build up a lead.

    So is this more of the fact that my driving abilities are not terrific, or is it that F1 2010, suffers from that curse that every other racing game suffers from: the CPU cheats?

    2.) Going through the setup threads, everyone seems to post their fastest time in a McLaren, why is that? Is it really the fastest car? From my experience it seems that Red Bull consistently finish in the top 3 as well. Why are so few lap times set with that car?

    3.) How can I decrease my pit stop times? It seems to fluctuate a lot at random and I have no clue as to why. In a game where miliseconds are important, how can I stop my pit times from varying from 4.5 to 7 or even 8 seconds?

  2. Chris Rees

    Chris Rees

    Ive got a feeling that Catalunya is everybodies bogey circuit. I recall hearing loads of stuff about the AI being to good around there.
  3. glight


    1)Yea, catalunya is very unbalanced. If you're playing on PC there are several mods you can use to make the legends Ai fairer/more realistic. The perfect corner mod should be enough if you just want to fix the Ai's speed though.

    2)I'm guessing it's just personal preference: more people prefer the mclaren? It is faster on the straights than the Red Bull, but Red Bull has more grip in the corners.

    3) no clue how to improve pit times, I think this is just random. Maybe in F1 2011 there will be kinect support on 360 so you can have your friends change your tyres (yes I am joking).
  4. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    This has to be the best suggestion ever and I would kill to see this happen.
  5. Aarqiel


    XFD, yeah, it's just ridiculous enough to be feasible given some of the stuff they thought would be the backbone of their E3 line-up. Bring on the wheel-gun peripherals and Ferrari-style lights with attached 'BRAKE' idiot-board and it's almost like the real thing.
  6. My993C2


    There are some mods on the PC version which allows you to customize the AI in this game. It takes some tweaking and for sure one size does not fit all. But the biggest flaw in this game is how Code Masters invents AI lap times out of thin air. Last night I was racing in Monaco and I could hear the engine sounds of my AI opponents, but do a quick look and nobody is around you and these engine sounds of your AI opponents occur in places that do not make sense. Not that long ago I did a race in Suzuka using GTR Evolution and I was extremely impressed when passing over or under the bridge. When one of my AI opponents was opposite me, I could hear them and when they were not opposite me, there was no artificial sound. The AI in GTR Evolution is not perfect, it has it's flaws (the lead cars are too timid lapping slower cars allowing you to catch up to the leaders as you lap slower traffic, plus the AI tends to ram you from behind if you are too slow in the corners). But at least in a game such as GTR Evolution you know you are actually racing other cars on the track. Code Masters just invents things out of thin air in this game. It appears to look at your lap times and adjusts the AI opponents accordingly. I am curious to see if this trend continues in F1 2011. I am hoping they improve the AI, but I am not holding my breath.
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