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I had pace this weekend for a top 5 finish and possibly even more, but i simply made too many stupid mistakes. Really **** race by me, can't believe how bad i did. Im not so sure about some of the incidents i was in were entirely my fault, but i still should of done better. Not happy with 11th, should of been much higher.
I am really happy with my first fsr win ever!!
After monaco i was even more motivated to get a win and now i finally have it, it feels really great.

I started from p3 and some laps later i was on p2. My pace wasn't that good because i had some little rear damage so p 3 t/ 5 could follow me easy. Suddenly Stefan Kanitz on p1 lost his front wing so i gain the lead but Lucas Euler was really fast and we battled many laps.
Lucas went to pit kinda early and i did pit 2 /3 laps later but it surprissed that i came back on track ahead of him with a 3 sec gap.
After that i was just cruizing to the end and get the victory! :)
gratz to cyril for his victory, this a good race for me, after a qualify sad...good pace and some fights. See u next time :)
Qualifying went well, and ended up 7th.

Got off the line well, and was partially alongside Stahre into Turn1, but was a bit cautious, and remained in 7th. At the start of Sector 3, Fred got passed, and I was able to follow Fred quite easily. I had a short seventh gear, which resulted in me unable to pass Fred. However, when he made a mistake on the last corner at something like lap 15/16; I was able to stay very close to him for Turn 3, and he had a poor exit out of there and had to go defensive for 5, I was able to pass him around the outside but wasn't able to get a gap. After Conti passed him, Conti had a bit too much speed for me, and passed me almost immediately. Knowing Stefan was on fresher tires and far faster than me, I didn't defend against him. A few laps before my stop, I was about 3 seconds behind Conti, but 7 infront of Florian. On lap 34 I pitted and the gap was 1.8 to Conti, I had a faster stop and was able to leapfrog him. Came out infront of Yakimenko but behind Kaasa. Passed Kaasa quickly with my fresh tires, and was going to pass Florian but he pitted.
I was unable to pull away from Kaasa, whom pitted for his second stop and then Conti closed up on me, but not as fast as last time. In the last 10 laps or something he passed me into turn 1, and the following lap exiting second turn I nearly crashed. He pulled the gap away to 2/2.5 seconds and it stayed that way. I had Kaasa on fresher tires flying, and on the last lap he was in my slipstream, I had to put Boost 10 on for the straight and held on. 1.8 off Conti and like 0.3 infront of Kaasa, ended 6th.

Good result for my debut in World Series. Fantastic battles.
Congratulations to Cyril for win, and Lukas and Stahre for the podiums.
Well I'm gutted.

Finally get to a race event and get DQ'd

I was at the end of pit lane just waiting and I moved my car a little more forwards to the white line and it DQ'd me. The actually exit line is before the white line and it caught me out and DQ'd me.

Reference to the WC and WT blokes if your starting from pit lane. Stay well back from the line or it will DQ you.


Very pleased for the other Ash Drivers though. Well done.
Here is my race report, one day later to be more calm.

Qualy, as allways, not good, P13.

But here I was very very confident with my pace.
I was waitting have a bad qualy, then I prepared a set with a huge top speed to make possible overtake, and despite to this good top speed, lap times was really nice.
After see race times, my race pace was good enouth to be close to the podium, the only question was, how much time was going to lose overtaking people. Then without problems a top6 finish was possible.

I had a connection lost in last minutes of the warm up, I rejoined just before race started, but when I was stopped in the grid after the formation lap, sudently all cars dissapeared, then I pressed ESC to avoid be lagging on the grid.
Come to the pit lane, cars appeared and then I was waitting green light, but suddently other time cars dissapeared and i saw connection lost missage.

Really this sesion is a nightmare, in last 17 races, I only had 2 clean races, and the 15 races with trouble, in only 2 have been my fault, this is depressing.
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