Thread: Race #07, Turkey: Post-Race Discussion

Ben Tusting

Qualify: 9th, 2 tenths slower than my pb, But i had made changes to the car.

Race: Made a good start and managed to pass a couple into T1.
My car wasn't setup for the race at all, had alot of understeer/no grip, as i was worried about not getting through pq. So i ended up going backwards in the race.
I was 11th With 4 laps to go , when my engine exploded just after R90.
Am glad i still got 10 points for the team.

Grats to Mattias for the win
Not much to say...slow as hell. If thats not enough the batteries in my keyboard failed so i had to start without LC and couldnt press escape. Fortunately my cousin was around and found some fresh batteries and installed them into the keyboard while i was noobifying on track. after first pitstop i saw that i was 1.2 sec off pace on p 1254674 or smt i pulled over pressed escape and prepared for the CL-Final.
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