Thought on tactile upgrade path for a complete novice?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by DW1, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. DW1


    Hi all,
    I'm just thinking of getting in to the tactile game (mainly for Assetto Corsa PC at the moment), but I pretty much lack any knowledge of speakers/amplifiers besides how to plug 'em together.

    My thanks to Mr Latte for all his helpful posts on here. I think I've started to get a picture of the general lay-of-the-land. Just wanted to ask people's thoughts on where I'm currently at, before I take the plunge and actually buy the kit.

    I'm currently looking to start out by bolting a single transducer to my office chair, but with a view to probably expanding that out eventually - with a basic/cheap racing frame/chair... at which point I might look at mounting an additional transducer to the pedals.

    I get the feeling the Buttkicker Gamer 2 transducer/amp set might be worth me skipping over... given the hints I've seen about the reliability of the amp, and the bottoming-out issue.
    I'm figuring my ideal first step might be to go straight for the Behringer NU3000DSP, and grab either a single Advance or an LFE... leaving myself open to add a second one later on.

    What are people's thoughts on the relative value of the Advance vs. the LFE? The difference in price in the UK seems fairly small (£240 to £315 - maybe as low as £290 if I order from the EU). Does the Advance have more finesse over the LFE, or is it simply a case of bigger-is-better?
    (ie, does the Advance represent a nice middle-ground of raw-power-vs-responsiveness or something like that?). Based on specs alone, it looks like it'd be worth just throwing in the extra £50-70 to get the LFE, but I've no doubt specs aren't the whole picture.

    I'm picturing maybe going for the Advance to begin with, then later grabbing an LFE, and moving the Advance to the pedals. Would there be a benefit to having one of each? Like, having finer effects sent to the Advance, and lower frequency, heavy effects sent to the LFE?

    Does this all sound like a reasonable sort-of-future-proof plan? Does it sound like overkill for a simple setup? :)
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  2. schmitzna


    Good idea skipping the BK Gamer2. I started with that and not being able to tell what the volume setting was drove me nuts. Now I have the NU1000 and two BK mini LFEs and could probably use a larger transducer on the seat due to the acoustic losses in the seat padding. So I think you have the right idea.
  3. Daniel oliver

    Daniel oliver

    Take a look at the jetseat 908 it replaced a gamer 2 and is so much better.
  4. Michal Burisin

    Michal Burisin

    I can't say for big LFE, but I have big Concert and I think it's better in every regard than Advance.

    I started with Advance, because I couldn't think that I would ever need such power as big units offer, but now, when I progressed with my build I find Advance lacking for my needs. So far I have 2x Advance + 2 TST239 (dual role pedals + seat) and 4x BK Concert (Chassis).

    I have built rig, that's maybe too solid:


    More details here. The pedal section is quite heavy and the Advance has some troubles moving it now.

    Before I was using installation, where the Advance was operating on kind of long lever and it gave it more power. But with some downsides, it could catch resonance in some cases.

    Chosen units are tightly tied to the way they are mounted and isolated.

    I think big Concert is more powerful, has more wide range, is quieter, harder to bottom out than Advance.

    For not as solid rigs and with some clever mounting using leverage and some vibration control, it could be enough to use weaker units, but if price is not issue, I would go for big units.

    If you decide to go with Advance anyway, I will probably be replacing mine with big Concerts, so maybe we can work something out, they are almost new.

    How big unit will operate on chair, I have no idea, but I guess it won't be much different than using Advance.
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