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This turns out to be such a nice hobby :-)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Herbie, May 23, 2014.

  1. Herbie


    I just want to note how pleased i am with the service here at RaceDepartment and say thank you to all the people that keep this thing running! :thumbsup:

    Yesterday i had such a blast with the Abarth 500 at Magione. It is so exciting really racing in and not behind the field with fair people around. Trying to apply pressure to the front, make mistakes, feeling pressure from the back, improve lap times, close the gap again... :geek:
    Yesterday i kept the pace with @Anestis Genidounias for a couple of laps and that was so much fun :) Then i made some bad turns and he was gone and suddenly @Frank van Oeveren became bigger and bigger in the mirror but i could hold my place :inlove:

    I was just buying my wheel and pedals for a little racing in LFS. But then came Assetto and then the MP and now i´m hooked :D I even ordered the Fanatec CSS SQ with a little doubt if it´s really worth but since yesterday i know i want it!

    ...and i got not hooked just for the multiplayer but for this feeling in the club races here!! You sign up and then there is practice and quali and the race - that builds up excitement imo. Also Teamspeak adds a lot for me because you can ask anything and someone will help you!

    I also was not expecting this kind of level here at the club (sorry just didn´t know the site before...) but then i recognized that quite a lot of the top people at RSR timing are driving here ...with me:confused: Of course i am not fast enough at all to be able to learn something from them but maybe one time i will be :rolleyes:

    mmh, sorry, this just got kinda long...
    Something I also want to add again (because i read the thread about the future of club racing) is that maybe you should just also give the opportunity to donate. I am already premium but I would like to add more if money is the bottleneck. Donation would be a uncomplicated way. To be honest i don´t know if this produces more costs than income.

    So thanks again RD and hope to see you on track soon ...hopefully in the rear mirror :sneaky:
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