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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Andy Thompson, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Andy Thompson

    Andy Thompson

    I know you guys already know this, but I just wanted to express how impressed I am with ACTP.

    I have never wanted to lap a track constantly for hours before (I know we only have one choice at present but even with a selection it wouldn't change things).

    The FFB is full of knowledge, it just feels so natural and I've never been able to really balance the car on the throttle and some opposite lock so fluenty as I have with AC. It really does feel excellent. I can put the car exactly where I want it and even when it does get out of shape, I can hold a slide and recover it easily. I can't think of any other sim where I've had this much fun, and my desktop is crammed with every sim that was ever release. Amazing.

    Graphically I cannot fault it. I'm getting 70+ FPS across 3 screens with med-high settings and it looks truly awesome.

    I've never been one for writing articles, so I find it difficult to translate the way this sim feels like the best thing I've driven in over 15 years of driving PC sims.

    Congrats Kunos and cannot wait for v1.0.
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