This Game Is Beast + (Some Kind Of Opinion)


May 5, 2014
First think first, I thought that F1 2014 would be really bad since I watched "hotlaps" from codemasters
and trailers. BUT driving with pad + steering mod, this game is way much better than 2012 or 2013.

Vanilla game with pad is... umm I cannot get the right word to describe how unenjoyable it was, no driving feel at all. Easy win pam pam and so on. And tyre wear was absolutely none if you think it actually, could have drove like 18 laps in Austria in 50% race and pace was still good. Since steering assist makes your car go further...

Like video below shows how intense the game can actually go. It's Legend + no assists and using pad + (steering mod).

Some thoughts about practice. Well it doesn't help at all to drive P1 or 3 which one codemasters have named it since there is traction control everywhere, setups can work in practice but in Q and race it's like pain in ass to drive.

What actually suprised me is AI. Driving against Vanilla AI and it can really be hard to beat them, depends of course which car you are on, but take example if Lewis is your rival you have no change at all. He just put feet in throttle and no man can overtake him. I made note from database that there is "good day" change and it's seems to work pretty well.

Tyre wear is and it's effect of driving is really nice. One to two or even three laps its possible to push like ell and have excellent pace but after that each lap you will notice how the grip is slowly going away. Until point where tyres are useless. Rear tyres just spins still.

Overall: I thought the game is baaad before tried it and it was. But it was simply because that steering assist is involved for pad users. After getting rid of it, the game was compination of 2012 and 2013, you would think it would be 4025 but it's awsome F1 2014.

And that I just cannot understand why people say that there should have been classic cars. They are in 2013 why don't drive there?

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