This can be (has been) done with BTB evo


Jun 15, 2009


Grobnik: (Croatia)

Preluk 1974: (Croatia)

Novi Marof: (Croatia)

Beranovac: (Serbia)

Zalužani: (Bosnia)

Crni Lug: (Croatia)

Sarajevo: (Bosnia)

All the tracks will be available shortly, first for GTL, than for GTR2. rFactor and race07 will follow...
(...a month, or so... to sort the .gdb-s and notepad things...)


- Brendon Pywell for Bob`s track buider

- Dave Noonan for 3dSimEd&Trkmaker

- ISI for rFactor, the Gmotor2 engine and the documentation about

- SimBin for all the great SIMs

- Altbierbude

- Nogrip

...I admit, there have been some 3Dsimed materials editing, but not because BTB wasn`t capable of, just `cause I wanted to check something regarding transparency options...

-The capability to create even a simple cube (primitive) would help a lot and would make this great software even better ... It can be achieved by importing a cube into xpacker, but I was thinking something like the "walls building"

-Another difficulty I ran into, was by trying to cap the walls... it can be achieved using the "spline" geometry, and it looks acceptable on regular walls, but, as I said, it becomes a very complicated task when dealing with complex shaped walls.

-A few bugs have been noted when coping and pasting shapes and materials of walls (cross sections), the simplest and fastest solution was allways to save, and reopen a project...

-The terrain modeling works flawless, except the "material blending" with the background picture; sometimes to get a precise blending percentage, You need to reset the "% box" by setting it to 100% and back to 0% (all ways by moving the mouse above the project window in between the operations, to apply the changes)

-The AIW editor could expand the possible garage spots to 3 per team (GTL), and the "special slow down" (pit in); other than that it is just perfect !

Excellent job mr. Pywell


Jun 6, 2009
I am impressed with your skill and volume of work! Eagerly awaiting a chance to try them out in rFactor.