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Thinking of selling up - how would you ?


This is not meant to be a selling thread just for feedback really, before i raise a post.

I have an immersion rig, wind, tactile, , modified over time, very much based around GT style rather than F1. The high end part is the PC of course which was new in September as were the monitors.

Since then i've done what i consider projects, tactile feedback, wind sim, racelogic box, iv'e added streaming capability including boom mic and logitech webcam, i've changed the wheel base from G27 to Thrustmaster - i've also built a carbon GT1 style wheel.

So, would you sell as an entire package, or would you list items separately.

The base rig although an ebay base has had height extensions made, a laser cut plate made and the base now has the triple screen mounted directly so screens are directly behind the base.

All of it is under 12m old, a lot of the project bits was this year, but as i've only managed 1.5 hours since mid may i'm finding it ever increasingly difficult to justify it sitting there.

The easy answer is list it and find out - however if stripping it and selling in parts is the way then this takes time as it needs to be debuilt and photographed first and i'm sure you'll all appreceiate the time !.


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