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Thinking of Hosting 24hr Spa...

Hi guys

Myself and a couple mates are looking at taking part (hosting) in a 24 hour race at Spa in a couple months. I was hoping to pick some brains while I was here as well as invite anyone who may be interested in helping and/or taking part. We are located in UK so EU drivers should be okay latency-wise. We can also organise a Discord for anybody who would like to join.

  • Firstly, if not here, where is the best place to invite people to participate and get a solid organisation going?
  • Secondly, I have hosted a dedicated server before for friends however not over a 24 hour period. Is there anything I need to do differently other than just change the duration of the race?
  • Finally, we haven't raced as a team for extended periods before, is there anything we should know going in?
Just to give you guys a gauge in our performance, I myself can complete a lap ~ 2:20 sometimes dropping in 19 and my lads can hit low 2:20s

We are super enthusiastic to bring this to fruition and are excited to practice over the next couple months - as long as we can get some participants of course. Drop me a DM if you're interested.

- Z

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I have not raced in leagues as I do not like the uniformity of it etc, but drive pretty safe and somehow keep a 80+ SA racing ONLY on open lobbies! Would love to do a 24 hour race with some guys.