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Things that aren't bugs

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gustavo Sobrino, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Gustavo Sobrino

    Gustavo Sobrino

    Ok, so i'm tired of everybody saying that everything in this game is a bug. I know that sometimes we expect a lot from certain thigns, but... i think we need a list of things that we know that are not bugs or glitches, just the game not working as we expect.

    1.- S3 times. It's not there because the lap times are "live". Although your team is aware of it.. HA!
    2.- RE telling you that your teamate is faster than you. This only happend to me on the drive out lap, and it's because on the prev lap i entered the pits and in this lap im going slower because of the whole exiting the pits and cold tyres thing....
    3.- RBR SF Cockpit views. It's not a bug, thats just poor design.
    4.- Ghost car on the pit lane. Again poor design. and maybe it prevents the players to cheat. (IDK)
    5.- Lollypop man "pit stop bug". maybe this guy (pre-patch) was so carefull however last night i saw the race edit from the formula 1 site of the Hock GP, and the pit crew of Renault caused a stupid crash against an indian force car. imagine if that happens to you... (PIT STOP BUG WTF THIS GAME IS STUPID MY PIT CREW SENT MY TO THE TRACK AND I CRASHED WITH THIS D00D AT THE PIT LANE... CODEMASTERS CAN MAKE A PLAYABLE GAME!!!) LOL!
    6.- This one is funny -Car seems to lose power and engine sounds weird- LOL got to the boxes and get a refill, actually your RE told you about it like 2 laps ago.

    I can't think of anymore right now, but feel free to post a non-bug thing that everybody claims that is a bug.
    Sometimes people lack common sense.
  2. dukieboy


    monaco water spray in the tunnel ...
    although they could have turned down the spray when reaching the end of the tunnel.
  3. Balam


    Weird bug -nonbugs i've noticed:
    -After starting a race in first place and finishing lap 1 everybody seems to do faster times than me, even up to 5+ secs or at least thats what the HUD says, which i believe is impossible as im still up front at the end of the lap and in some cases with some space leading... so this remains a mistery to me.
    -you could go into the pit entrance at 100000km/h and the auto pilot somehow always manages to control and brake the car to 150k, even if you are on a collison course with mr wall, absolutley insane
    -Sometimes my game goes nuts and is stuck to the right or left, let me explain a bit, when i enter any menu in garage or trailer it goes stuck straight to one side, like if some computer ghost is pressing the left or right key and wont let go no matter what...

    anywayz thats my input...
  4. Romain Langlois

    Romain Langlois

    That's not Hockenheim GP it's Hungaroring.
  5. hansmeiser


    You are wrong, you are very wrong, it IS a bug. The monitor is showing the fastest lap inclideng the sector times of this lap.
    How do I know? Simple, I just tested it. I did a couple of laps in free practice and after my fastest lap I did a slow lap to get into the pits. and with slow I mean really slow, I almost parked the car.
    And guess what, after I got into the pits the timing monitor showed my fastest lap AND the sector times if it, and not the slow sector times I just did.

    And to go with your first line, I'm tired of people looking for excuses to justify bugs and poor game design.
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