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There's NO motorcycling PC based games. So lets petition for one!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lee Knight, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    There's NO motorcycling PC based sim racing games that I know of that we can play on the web!
    There truly is 'planes, train & auto-mobiles'.....but no bikes!
    I'm thinking we should start an online petition to Jester interactive (for example) to build an online PC based game based on their TT REAL ROAD RACE series BUT with the ability to incorporate all the awesome tracks from Rfactor PLUS their own as well as being able to add bikes.....it would be a win-win situation,not to mention finally being able to race cars around the worlds most lethal circuit of all times,the Isle of Mann....
    What do you say, sign on & let us know.....Do you want to try a new form of sim racing?
    It would be preferable to place your real name & your preferred sim race game + platform, as I'm guessing because it could only give it more creadence.
    Besides, if I DO get enough names I WILL be chasing this up!
    If there's anything that you believe should be added to lend weight to this petition, please let me know through here or a private PM
    So, I'll start this off;
    Lee Knight,...BLeeK.
    Gran Tourismo-PS2/Rfactor-PC/TT Real Road Racers(all three)PS2/GT Evo-PC
  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    There is an awesome bike sim from PiBoSo, called GP Bikes. Linky here
  3. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    Are the bikes & most especially the tracks upgrade-able such as rFactor?
    Can we add to it & if so, are the tracks ISI/rFactor or another sim based, OR does it require it's own tracks?
    I've tried most PS/PS2 based motorcycle games & so far,I believe-& have been told by others that have tried it-the most realistic handling would have to be Jester interactive's TT Real Road Race series.
    I'd never heard of this other sim & I'm yet to try it as I'm still struggling to get a decent download of it, it refuses to download beyond 80%.
    By the way, PiBoSo are now up to Alpha version 7!
    It may be worth keeping this petition going for now?
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