The wonders of editable internet encyclopedias :D

Just pulled this when looking up 'Warwick Farm'. The second paragraph is where it's at :D

This area was occupied by Irish political prisoners transported after the Irish Rebellion of 1798. Land grants of 40 acres (160,000 m2) were made to transportees in 1809 and for some time it was known as Irish Town. John Hawley Stroud, the superintendent of Liverpool Orphans School, received a grant in 1804 on the present site of Warwick Farm Racecourse and named his property after Warwick in England.

It currently is infiltrated with junkies and losers whom sit around drinking up and smoking weed, it's not uncommon to see 15 yearolds walking around with prams and babies whilst smoking/drinking. Lads and various other scum have also began migrating into the area loitering around the units playing **** music, wearing **** clothes and pretty much failing at life.
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