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Small off-topic question if it's allowed: how do I get the camera to focus on the car? All my screens with motion blur have a sharp background and a blurred car :rolleyes::D
the accumulation of motion blur simulates the motion, whether it's focused on the car or the road
you need to be sure you have a camera following the car, or else it's as if the car is passing by real fast meanwhile the camera focus on the road
F5 camera for example is always following the car
and some TV cams are sometimes following the car a the target ;)



What I've actually been doing is making LODs but also I found this unwelded vertex so LOD A gets an update too, who wants to download 80MB to fix one edge being too sharp


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If you know anything about me at all, you know I like balloons. After dipping my toe in the water with the recently-uploaded Le Mans balloons (with big help from Slider) I've decided I want to create a suite of new balloon designs for general use by anyone who wants them. These will be a combo of motorsport brands and track-specific branded versions (like the Le Mans ones).
Here's a quick 'n' dirty first stab to test a couple of theories:


I'm new to this so have a couple of questions please for those that have already created balloons:

  1. is there a template available that will automatically skew the logos so that proportions appear correct after wrapping onto the balloon model, or is this trial-and-error or careful logo placement? The logo above isn't pre-skewed at all, I just kept it pretty central where the balloon distortion is minimised. Looks OK though, I think?
  2. is there a quick and efficient method of applying the new skin to the balloon kn5 without 3D software? Ideally this would be a simple texture replacement (like with billboard skins) but I'm not sure if this is possible. Slider wrapped the Valvoline skin on to the model for me as I don't have any 3D software (or the gumption to work it).
Thanks chaps, any help or advice would be much appreciated.
The Le Mans balloons are here in case anyone's interested:
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